Saturday, February 19, 2011

Motorola SPICE XT300 hard reset procedures

How to hard reset  Motorola SPICE XT300.

Here's the step by step instruction on how to Hard Reset the  Motorola SPICE XT300, to format and restore its original factory default settings.

Note: Performing a hard reset is only advisable if your Motorola SPICE XT300 experiencing a hang-up, unresponsive, frozen etc. when opening or using some application installed.
This process will result to wipe and delete all data and application you installed on the device, just make a back copy first before you may proceed.

Here's the following procedures:

Soft reset or format from the menu settings:
   1. On main home screen, select Menu
Motorola SPICE XT300 hard reset manual
   2. Select Settings, then Privacy
   3. Select Factory Data Reset
   4. Select Reset phone
   5. Just enter the Password if prompted, then confirm by selecting Erase Everything

If the device hang-up, unresponsive or frozen, you may do a hard reset through button combination:
   1.  If your Motorola SPICE XT300 is frozen, Turn the power off., remove the battery out and put it back again.
   2. Then briefly press and hold the Power and Camera buttons
   3. When prompted message appers, release the Camera button
   4. Press and hold the Volume Down key
   5. Then it display a yellow exclamation mark
   6. Just select Factory Reset and press OK

Just wait until the reset process completed, the Motorola SPICE XT300 will then reboot.
And then it will restore back to its original factory default settings again. 

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