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How to Find Component Parts on PCB Board?

How to Find Component Parts on PCB Board?

A certain components parts is easy to find with an aide of schematic diagrams. In Nokia Phones finding it was been so easy for they provide a complete and accurate component data on their Schematic Diagrams. While other various mobile phone don't have. Some cellphone technicians find it hard to fix some of mobile phone products for they don't provide schematic diagrams to be available, but many experts and masters can do the job even without schematic diagrams. Experts can rely on their deep knowledge on electronics components and circuits, many of them where electronic engineers and also many of them where professionally skilled by experience and mastered for years. You can be one of them if you follow their instinct but before that they all started from scratch.We are all start from scratch.

Now, let's take up a very simple method on how to find certain electronic component's location  where it is being mounted on a particular PCB Board layouts.

Here's an example of Nokia N70 schematic diagram, Download it here if you haven't a copy yet, and make sure you have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to be able to open it.
If you already  have a copy of this schematic diagram,  open it and scroll it down to the bottom page.
In the bottom page which is the last page you may found this
Component Finder Page. see picture below:

On the right side you may find the table of components which is listed in codes like for example, Resistors starts with letter "R" then "mounting code" . next to it on the left is the "
pattern codes" which is means the spot point which is scaled by letters and numbers on the PC Board,


On the right side of the page is the layout of all of components with respective
codes mark on it. Each component mounted in horizontal and vertical positions.

In both sides on the PCB layout is being scaled by letters and numbers, this is were the
pattern codes from the first picture above being produce by combining the letter and number to make the mapping spot point.
spot point of where these letter and number meets across each other, is the exact location where that certain component is being mounted.

Now let's take a little bit exercise on how to use this methods..

Okay, assuming that we are looking for a certain components on a PCB board.
Let say that we are going to find the 2n2 valued capacitor on RF Section for that phone is having a problem of network signal.

now scroll up the page to RF Section which is on page 9 and find these two 2n2 (2.2nanofarad) valued capacitor 
see guide picture below;  Just remember and get the Mounting Code for it is the code were going to use as a guide to to the component finder table of components.


Then after finding it scroll back to the Component Finder page Table of components, then find it on the lists of the components codes like "C7524 is on B9" and "C7573 is on A6"


the next thing again you have to do is to remember and get that code then proceed to the Component Layouts. and scale the spot point of  "letter B and 9" then letter "A and 6" on the scaled on the opposite sides.
See picture below

The last part is to scroll it up on the whole component layout on the upper page 10 or on your PC board then spot and mark that component where it is being mounted.


There you go you just found it! congratulation!

Practice it more often,so that you can be familiarize on each component or parts for that certain product. The more often you do it, the more chances you will mastered it. sooner,you can work it alone without even using the schematic diagram anymore.

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