Friday, December 10, 2010

How to Identify Capacitor's Symbols and Layout

There are two types of capacitors, the Polarized and the Non-polarized. The Polarized is indicated with  ''+'' positive and ''-'' negative, meaning this cannot be change into its mounting position from a certain connection of a circuit polarity, The ''+'' positive is for the voltage supply line B+ only and the '' - '' negative is for the grounding lines. The capacitor will blown up if putting it into a non desired polarity position.
Non-polarized capacitor is a non-polar or without polarity meaning its position can be change without damaging it.
In Schematic Diagram it is stated as letter ''C'' stands for Capacitance then a mounting code and Capacitance value.
The Polarized indicated with desired maximum voltage value. like for example
C7597 1000mF_14V ,
the ''14V'' is the desired maximum voltage for that said capacitor.
While the Non-polarized labeled without desired voltage.
example: C2567 22pF

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