Friday, December 10, 2010

Power ON OFF Switch on Mobile Phone - Test and Check Up Procedures

ON/OFF Switch on cell phones comes different  varieties and forms or designs but the fundamentals on how does it work or where to use it is the same. On Off switch can be determine by the number of its legs or terminals.
This cell phone repair tutorial for beginners covers on how to check the power on off switch on mobile phones and also work on  volume key switches. 

Here's a brief information on every ON and OFF switch which covers how the components being assembled and by this information you can easily test and check up the said switch if it is good or in working condition.

By checking on off switch is been so simply by just only checking its terminals conducting continuity.
A broken power on off switch can be easily determine when its visual assembly is busted out,
so this procedure below covers only when the said switch visual assembly seems to be good.

This also the first step to repair the mobile phone if unable to power up, its like happens when the phone can accept and show charging if at charging state but unable to power up while pressing the power ON OFF button switch.

The two Legs On OFF switch assembly:

This check up procedure can work even if the ON OFF switch is mounted on the printed circuit board or isolated.
Two check this two legged kind of ON OFF switch is  by simply set the multimeter to X1, then connect the two test probes of the multimeter to both legs of the switch, we are  just simply trying to check here if the on off switch continuity. Then hold it so that it won't move then simply press it gently. You can easily determine it here when the said switch is working or not by the multimeter response, If the pointer moves approximately 0ohms the switch is good and working, but while if it is not moving at all it means the switch is faulty.

The four legs ON OFF switch assembly:

This check up procedure can work even if the ON OFF switch is mounted on the printed circuit board or isolated.
Four legged On off switch has its both opposite two terminal connected which other, so by checking this said switch is similar to the two legged on off switch. Again. just set the multimeter to X1 and connect the both probes to both opposite terminal of the said switch then simply hold and gently press it to get readings.
If the the multimeter's pointer moves it means  it is working while if not the switch is faulty.

Read here for  understanding how ON OFF switch works for advance power ON OFF switch problem repair troubleshooting techniques.


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