Saturday, January 1, 2011

how to update the Nokia maps offline


following for having problems with Nokia Maps aka congenital E63, like its ga existing map, map the dark, too expensive to download folder, etc.. I provide the solution of the Download folder DIRECT Nokia server, without have to use Map Loader / Updater folder. so enjoy browsing OFFLINE without reducing the pulse.


1. Open Nokia Maps on your E63. This is to create folders that will be used for storage folder later.

2. Still in Nokia Maps, check your map version with the Options>> About. Nokia Maps may be in close now.
3. Http:// by browsing to the PC (or HP if 3G/WiFi).
4. Well here there is a choice, "Ovi Maps Maps for 3.0" or "Maps for Nokia Maps 2.0". Click the appropriate version of Nokia Maps on your E63.
5. Then on the next page, scroll down to link2 download Nokia Maps folder, could be a continent or a country.
Examples Indonesia (only 21 MB for Nokia Maps 2.0).
6. After the click and download complete. Extract the contents. Zip file that you can.
7. Connect your E63 to a PC with a USB cable (for a pake PC), browse to the folder [your memory card] \ cities \ diskcache
8. Now COPY all the files the extract (folder2 form) to the folder diskcache earlier.
9. Unplug the USB, enjoyed map of the whole archipelago OFFLINE on your E63

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