Saturday, January 1, 2011

secret codes Nokia E61

Hard Reset
Old mode: * # 7370 # or "Original Settings" dialogue
A new way: press and hold (call) and then number three, and as he turned on the power button *
Key Code: 12345

Holding down # will switch to Silent mode profiles / silent.
Blue Function Key + Ctrl to activate Bluetooth.
Blue Function Key + Chr activate the infrared.
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + Joystick Down functions as Page Down (to go to the next page down)
Ctrl + Joystick Up functions as Page Up (go to next page top)
Shift + Joystick Left or Right highlights one letter at a time.
Shift + Ctrl + Joystick Left or Right highlights one word at a time.
Ctrl + Joystick Left or Right moves the cursor from word to word.

* # 2820 # Displays the Bluetooth address

* # 62209526 # displays WLAN adapter MAC address

* # 92702689 # The phone displays the life timer

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