Monday, January 17, 2011

Nokia 6124c Power ON-OFF Button Switch Jumper Ways Solution

ere's the Nokia 6124c power On/Off button switch jumper solution, and can be used to fix the device if the said button switch terminal solder pads is already been lifted or damaged.

If the said button switch is already been damaged and the solder pads is okay you may just replace the button switch and the device will work again. For lifted solder pads, try and manage to dig out carefully the solder pads layer using a sharp pointed blade, where you can establish a solder to the power switch connection and toughly bond the switch so that it won't move and be damaged again. For severely damaged lifted board, the next option is only by way of applying a jumper wire directly to the Power IC.

Nokia 6124c Power Switch Jumper Ways

nokia 6124c power switch jumper ways tracks
The solution above shows the connection line paths of the power button switch of Nokia 6124 classic,. You may notice that the line paths is connected directly to the Power chip,. Re-establishing a connection through this procedure needs a tough soldering skills. So, do not ever try to attempt this method if you do not have the guts to do this kind of process, just ask assistance to your head tech or master technician.

For doing this, you may first remove the Power IC and then manage to mend or apply a tiniest jumper wire to it solder bumps D9 down to the power button switch terminal, so good luck....

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