Saturday, January 1, 2011

procedure for upgrading Blackberry

Here is the procedure for upgrading Blackberry ...
1. Windows XP
2. BlackBerry Desktop Manager version 4.6
1. Download the installer OS Blackberry ... search ... the Internet in the first instance keyword: 8700 4.6.bla bla bla ....
after that we will be like this:
2. Install the OS file that I downloaded (Do not forget to turn off Desktop Manager first)
3. Open the directory C: \ Program Files \ Common Files \ Research In Motion \ AppLoader
4. Delete the file Vendor.xml
5. BlackBerry to the USB plug
6. run Desktop Manager
7. Click Uploader
8. Living ikutin guide to install OS ...
The process takes about 1 hour, the long time process Erasing Application (initial) ama Waiting for Device (last) ...
Note: During the process, do not pull his Blackberry USB ama ...
Kl failure occurs, stay diulangin aja koq process is ...
Upgrade Blackberry relatively safe, as long as this can be corrected with the re-install with the process in

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