Monday, January 17, 2011

Nokia E72 Power Switch Jumper Ways


Here's the
Nokia E72 solution for lifted and damaged ON and OFF power switch problem. This solution is helpful to reconnect the cut-off power switch line paths that resulted to "unable to turn the device power ON".

For some reason the power switch terminal solder pads may also been severely damaged and lifted by the users., In order to fix this problem we need to bond the power switch to its original position so that it won't easily break. But the problem is,  we cannot apply a solder on its terminal because the solder pads was already been lifted. To avoid hassle digging the PCB board you can refer to this solution below to locate which particular components where we can apply and mend a jumper wire to reconnect the said open line path of the power switch connection.

Nokia E72 Power ON-OFF Switch Jumper Solution
nokia e72 Power switch jumper ways repair picture

Locate the 10K resistor as shown on the solution above. the other side of that resistor is connected to the battery supply voltage and the other side is for the power switch line paths which also directly connected to GAZOO IC ball bumps number B10. On that spots is where you can apply a solder for the jumper wire down to the terminal of the power switch. Best of luck!

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