Monday, January 17, 2011

Nokia 6124c Earpiece Speaker Problem Solution

Here's the Nokia 6124 classic solution for not working receiver or earpiece speaker failure. This solution shows some hints on how to fix the phone if the receiver speaker failed to have an audio output or no sound can be heard on the device when making a call.

If encountered to fix this problem you may need to check the receiver speaker first using a multimeter or try to replace a new one  to easily determine if the speaker is still working or not.

You may also clean the speaker terminal contact pads on the PCB board, sometimes a loosen or poor contacts also caused the problem. This sometimes occurred when the device suffered wet or water damaged and or accidentally heavily dropped.

If the above procedures doesn't work or fix the problem, refer to the solution below and do a check up on the highlighted components.

Nokia 6124C Earpiece Receiver Speaker Failure Repair Solution

nokia 6124c earpiece speaker jumper ways tracks
You may first check and try to replace the filter coil and the ESD protection resistor for possible damaged, and trace its connection line path through to the speaker terminal pads.
If those components seems working okay, the next option is to reheat the power IC with a hot air station.
Reworking or replacing it may possibly also needed if the power IC chip is already faulty or damaged.
You may also trace the connection line paths of the earpiece speaker to where it is being connected from the AVILMA IC while it is being remove from the PCB.


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