Monday, January 17, 2011

Nokia X3-01 USB Not Charging Solution

Here's the Nokia x3-01 solution for USB not charging problem that doesn't respond or shows no charging indication when the USB charger is being plug-in.

To fix this kind of problem you may need to use another working battery charger first, then clean the USB pin connector for possible oxidation build-ups due to sweat and or moistures.You can easily determine it when there is a greenish color surrounded beneath on it.

Then proceed to hardware troubleshooting if the above steps already been done but doesn't solve the problem. Refer to this solution below and locate the highlighted components on the PCB board.

Nokia X3-01 USB Charge Ways

nokia x3-01 USB charge jumper ways tracks

You may first check the FUSE for possible damaged, then the DIODE. A shorted diode makes the fuse blown up again, so replace both of those components.
The USB charge voltage is connected to the USB connector's pin 1, so tracing it is not so difficult.
You may check also the USB pin connector terminal solders if its already weak or already been lifted.
The USB pin terminals were composed of VBUS voltage, D-, D+ and Ground connection.

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