Saturday, January 1, 2011

procedures for a hard reset and soft reset T-Mobile G1 Android


G1 android when you have frequent hangs, or the performance of already weak, you do not need to panic, because this is the case that the software is already tired, and things you should do is to do a hard reset or soft reset, so you have time android This will be refreshed,

Resetting the Google phone deletes all data, including downloaded applications, and resets the phone back
to its initial state—the state before you turned on the phone for the first time. Important Make sure to back up important data you have on the phone before you perform a factory data reset.

T-mobile G1 Android hard reset

1. Press HOME > MENU, and then touch Settings.
2. Scroll down the screen, then touch SD card & phone storage.
3. Navigate to the Internal phone storage section, then touch Factory data reset.
4. On the Factory data reset screen, touch Reset phone. If prompted, enter your screen unlock pattern, then touch Erase everything.

Tip If your phone hangs or freezes, remove the battery, then wait for a few seconds, and then re-install it. After re-installing the battery, turn on the phone.

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